Talaat Moustafa Group For Real Estate Developments Egypt
34/36 Mussadak St.

Talaat Moustafa Group (TMG) is the leading community real estate developer in Egypt, with a land bank of 50mn sqm. The group has a strong track record of 40 years in the housing and real estate development industry, having developed 30mn sqm of land so far. TMG continues to deliver “Community Development” through establishing self-sustained residential cities and community complexes for the upper and middle classes.
Amongst the group’s largest and most prominent development projects are: “Al Rehab” East of Cairo, spreading over 10mn sqm to host 200k residents, “Madinaty” our flagship project, commencing in July 2006 spanning over 33.6mn sqm of land with 700k target residents, making it the largest all-inclusive enclosed city in the Middle East. TMG’s achievements also include signature compounds like May Fair in Al Shorouk, East of Cairo, and Al Rabwa in Six of October City, West of Cairo all along with its recently launched project in the New Capital (CELIA) spanning over 2.1mn sqm. Hence, TMG enjoys a well-established relationship with over 100k unique clients in its various projects.
TMG’s activities also extend to the Hospitality segment, it has developed two major mixed-use developments that include high-end residential, retail, and hotels operated by the world-renowned Four Seasons in its projects; the Nile Plaza in Cairo and San Stefano in Alexandria. In addition to a luxury resort that includes a residential component in the Four Seasons Sharm El Sheikh. And at last but not least, a luxury hotel in Downtown Cairo managed by Kempinski.
Other hospitality projects currently in the pipeline include, a Four Seasons resort in our own flagship project “Madinaty” and an extension that is expected to be a modern uplifted duplicate of the existing Four Seasons Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh.
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Edge Holding – OIA New Capital City

The inauguration of the New Administrative Capital marked the beginning of Edge Holding Group, which was founded in early 2018 as a mutual fund between Al-Borouj Egypt and El-Mashareq KSA.

With impressive project portfolios and five decades of accumulated experience in real estate development, construction and infrastructure in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the two companies have combined their diverse knowledge and skills to seize today’s investment opportunities and set new standards in Egypt’s real estate market.
Named after a picturesque village on Greece’s most celebrated Santorini Island, OIA is scenic development that truly feels like an island, with its elevated premises that overlook four main roads that lead to the outside world. Spanning across 30 acres, this contemporary gated community promises a life of luxury, tranquility and outright exclusivity.

At OIA, the green of landscapes and blue of water features offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of today’s city life. Surrounded by four main roads, OIA grants residents easy access to, both, the New Capital and the vibrant city of Cairo. Comfort and convenience lie at the heart of the New Capital Island which effortlessly bridges itself to the surrounding mainland while sustaining the exclusive nature of island life.
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Emaar Misr
P.O. Box 229 Mokattam , Cairo, Egypt

Emaar Egypt Headquarters
Uptown Cairo Sales Centre
P.O. Box 229 Mokattam , Cairo, Egypt
Telephone: 16116

Heliopolis Sales Centre
40, Thawra Street, Heliopolis

Mohandiseen Sales Centre
16 Ministry of Agriculture St.
(Beginning of El Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz st. Mohandiseen)

Marassi Sales Centre
Beach Clubhouse, Al Alamain, 129KM Alex/Matrooh Road

From inside Egypt: 16116
From outside Egypt: +202 16116

Step into a realm of lavish living and vibrant sophistication with Emaar’s prodigious and exquisite communities. Upholding its reputation as one of the world’s largest and most progressive property developers, Emaar celebrates a decade of accomplishments with its distinguished gated communities across Egypt: Uptown Cairo in the heart of Cairo, Mivida in New Cairo and Marassi in the North Coast.

We build homes that redefine living standards, putting your needs and aspirations first. We develop thriving neighborhoods that reflect the quality of life you deserve. We create healthy, lively communities that blend extravagance with glamor and white-gloved finesse.
+202 16116

PalmHills Egypt
Smart Village, A4 – B83 KM28, Cairo- Alexandria Desert Road Abou Rawash, Egypt

Smart Village, A4 – B83 KM28, Cairo- Alexandria Desert Road Abou Rawash, Egypt Phone:+202 3535 1200 Fax:+202 3535 1208 Call Center:19743 

Palm Hills Developments is a leading real estate company in the Egyptian market, primarily developing integrated residential, commercial real estate and resort projects. Founded in 2005 by Mansour and Maghraby Investment and Development Company [MMID], the company which is listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange, traded under the symbols “PHDC.CA” and “PHDC.LI” respectively, was the result of a vision to create self-sufficient and well integrated communities.
Presently Palm Hills Developments possesses one of the largest land banks in the country and is rapidly growing into a regional player, thanks to a geographically diversified land bank suitable for the development of a broad range of real estate products all fashioned to cater for customers’ need gaps and preferences.
Currently, Palm Hills Developments has a portfolio of 26 projects spanning different development stages nationwide, and spreading over 27 million square meters [sqm] in Egypt, including 5 million sqm in which is held for sale in Saudi Arabia. The Company’s product offering includes primary homes on both West Cairo and East Cairo, as well as second homes by the Mediterranean Sea [North Coast].
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+202 3535 1208

Iwan Developments Egypt
42 Michael Bakhoum-Beside Shooting Club Dokki, Giza Egypt Office

Address:42 Michael Bakhoum-Beside Shooting Club Dokki, Giza Egypt Office

Telephone:+202 333 53 948

Fax:+202 333 70 064

We focus on relevant innovation from idea to delivery.  Our business is based on integration and attention to details that brings value. Every business decision will support the development of IWAN’s equity and business.

IWAN’s success is based on sustainability; we are committed to superior returns and sustainable development for future generations.

IWAN believes in creating FEEL GOOD NEIGHBORHOODS. Neighborhoods in which the surrounding community works together to be the best they can be.

A FEEL GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD is a cohesive unit that operates as one harmonious entity. IWAN believes that a happy home is the foundation of a happy neighborhood.

A happier home means vibrant communities, and consequently, with even happier people. This is precisely what we are aspiring to achieve. Creating FEEL GOOD NEIGHBORHOODS is the backbone of what IWAN is trying to achieve with each and every compound we build.
+202 333 53 948

Memaar Al Morshedy Egypt
Tower 5, Bavaria Town, Maadi Ring road

Address: Tower 5, Bavaria Town, Maadi Ring road

Phone Number: 19086


In 1983, Mohamed Morshedy established Memaar Al Morshedy with a clear business strategy to penetrate the real estate development industry. Mr. Morshedy recruited a strong team of like-minded inspired architects and engineers that would become known later as Degla for Real Estate Developments, the pillar of Memaar Al Morshedy.

In the early years, Memaar Al Morshedy launched many sole-source designed, planned, engineered and constructed multi-family residential buildings in Maadi area. Each of these residences displayed a unique style and design that stood the test of time.

Memaar Al Morshedy introduces a new concept of living which provides fully integrated development projects that combine residential, administrative and commercial buildings in one place to help our customers enjoy a more convenient life.

Memaar Al Morshedy comes to crown its successes with a wide variety of real estate projects that ranges from economy housing, middle class housing and up to premium housing all over Cairo and Giza
+20 19086

Mountain View Egypt
City Stars Capital 2 (2nd & 3rd floors), Heliopolis


City Stars Capital 2 (2nd & 3rd floors), Heliopolis
Abou El Feda Tower level 16, Zamalek
 Hotline: 16201



Driven by innovation, Mountain View is among Egypt’s leading private property development companies. Specialized in developing first tier residences and resorts, Mountain View boasts over ten projects across Egypt, in some of the country’s most prime locations, including East and West Cairo, the Red Sea Coast and the North Coast. Equally attracting local and international investors, Mountain View upholds international standards of quality and works together with highly qualified engineering and design firms and consultants to deliver projects that innovate to enhance the users’ experience. Be it a distinct theme, world-class landscaping or the use of the latest technology, Mountain View’s projects are unmatched both in value and in quality.
True to its ethos, Mountain View’s work does not end upon completion of its projects. The firm works with top property and community management companies and appoints them as estate managers, so as to ensure thriving livelihoods across all of its developments.
+20 16201

Sodic Egypt





Telephone: +202 38270398

At SODIC, we aim to continuously outdo ourselves in all aspects of our work.
SODIC has graduated from simply developing a community,
to becoming a society. Moving from real estate, to real societies.

We believe in the essence of a true “society“, in the power of art, sports, culture,
sustainability and knowledge, to name a few.
SODIC is a place maker. Building on our vision of Human Developments,
we aspire to create holistic communities that reflect credibility,
innovation and value, for all our stakeholders.

+202 38270398

Hyde Park  Developments Egypt
Plot 67, Road 90 ,
5th Settlement New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

Address :

Plot 67, Road 90 ,
5th Settlement New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
Sales Center
Plot 1, Road 90,
5thSettlement, New Cairo,
Cairo, Egypt

Hotline : 16696 
Hyde Park is an avant-garde development that sets out to create flourishing communities and redefine living standards in a place where connections between humans are cultivated, and where people, buildings and nature exist in harmony.
Hyde Park has made its home across 6 million square metres in the heart of vibrant New Cairo, flaunting not just its size of acreage, but rather the quality of spaces, designs, landscape and facilities.

Everything within Hyde Park’s guarded confines is distinctive and limitless, from the world-class architectural designs that reflect its homeowners’ buoyant characters, to the plush 600,000 square metres of lakes and foliage that represent the largest park in Egypt, reflect green living, and blend harmoniously to create an air of natural serenity throughout. The development’s business, retail and leisure facilities are fused within the park, embraced by a familiar and cosy feel.

Hyde Park is conveniently and strategically located in the most thriving location in New Cairo, overlooking, both, Road 90 and the New Ring Road. AUC is just around the corner and Cairo International Airport is a short 20-minute drive away. Just like its residents, who seek to find inner peace in a constantly moving world, Hyde Park is within proximity of the city’s bustling streets, yet retains an aura of tranquillity for its homeowners to retire to at the end of the day.
+20 16696

Tatweer Misr Development
20 Aisha Al Taimoria Street – Garden
City – Beside Four Seasons – Nile Plaza Hotel 1st floor.


20 Aisha Al Taimoria Street – Garden
City – Beside Four Seasons – Nile Plaza Hotel 1st floor.
Telephone: +202 27929892
Fax: +202 27929893
Since its inception in 2014, Tatweer Misr has been a vital catalyst for change, delivering incomparable value through exemplary projects that master all facets of development.

Boasting a wealth of industrial and technical expertise, Tatweer Misr has been offering an innovative outlook on integrated living to strongly emerge as a leading real-estate developer in Egypt, fulfilling the rising demand on mixed-use projects that enrich the life of its communities.   
Committed to design excellence, innovation and sustainability, Tatweer Misr’s unique edge lies in its comprehensive solution-oriented approach spanning quality construction, landmark design and architecture, unique landscaping and an abundance of lifestyle amenities aimed at fostering the growth of its residents.
+202 27929892
+202 27929893